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Dash cams: your questions answered - Admiral

A dash cam (short for dashboard camera) is a small camera you fit inside your car to record the road when you’re driving. There are four types of dash cam: • Forward facing: These dash cams record the road ahead out of the front windscreen • Front and rear facing: As the name suggests, they record out of the front windscreen but they have an additional camera that records out of the back too • Rear facing: This is attached to the rear windscreen and records out of the back of the vehicle • Inte

How to unblock a drain - Admiral

If your sinks are taking a while to empty or you’ve noticed a bad smell coming from one of your drains, you could have a blockage. It’s most common for the slimmer pipes around your home to become blocked, like those connected to your toilet or sinks, but outside drains can also become blocked with a build up of debris. While it’s not a very pleasant job, it may be possible to unblock the drain yourself – so before you call in a professional, try following these steps. The right equipment is

Process of buying a house: step by step - Admiral

Maybe it’s your first time buying a house and you’ve no idea what steps are involved or perhaps you’re moving on to a new home and need a refresher. Either way, we’ve teamed up with Purplebricks to bring you our guide to the process of buying a house. First things first, you need to figure out what you’ve got available to you as a deposit, and how much you can afford to spend each month on your mortgage. Angela Wallace, Divisional Sales Director for Purplebricks, said: “Before you start looki

The rise of e-transport - Admiral

Electric vehicles are here to stay Electric vehicles (EVs) have been around for a while and are here to stay as more and more focus is placed on the UK government's target of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Electric vehicles enjoyed bumper sales in the UK in 2019, overtaking plug-in hybrids for the first time. Sales of EVs are still looking healthy, despite overall car sales during the Coronavirus lockdown falling to their lowest level since 1971. • Related: Best 100% electric car

Secrets of selling a home - Admiral

You want to sell your home but you’re wondering: is there a secret to a hassle-free sale with a buyer who makes the perfect offer? Well there’s no denying that a bit of luck may come into it, with your ideal buyer being in the right place at the right time. But there’s also a lot you can do to give yourself the best chances of selling your home quickly and getting the offer you want. We’ve asked an anonymous panel of estate agents to reveal all to help you get a quick offer at a great price.

Travel vaccinations: the ultimate guide - Admiral

We’ve put together this guide to help answer all your questions on vaccinations. • When should I get my travel injections? • What vaccinations do I need? • Where to get travel vaccines? • How much are travel vaccinations? • Will my travel insurance cover me if I fall ill and haven’t had the relevant vaccine? • What vaccinations do I need for India? • Do I need vaccinations for Mexico? • What jabs do I need for Thailand? • What vaccinations do I need for Vietnam? • Do you need injections for Egyp

Travel trends for 2020 - Admiral

Every year Pinterest puts together its predictions for the year ahead based on what people are searching for through its platform. We’ve looked at the top travel trends to see what might be big during 2020. Many of last year’s travel trends had an environmental theme, and this is continuing into 2020. To recap, here are the top 10 trends of 2019: • None Less-travelled islands (And if you like a trip with a difference, take a look at our guide to alternative holiday destinations for 2020) Now

Upcycling: what it is and how to get started - Admiral

First things first: what actually is upcycling? Upcycling is the process of taking old things, particularly those that are unwanted or not on trend, and changing them or reusing them to give them a new lease of life. Chris Billinghurst, founder of The House of Upcycling, said: “It’s a way to give an item or items which would otherwise be discarded a greater value and continued use by repurposing, refurbishing or refinishing.” It can be as simple as using something in a different way, giving a

10 things you shouldn’t do behind the wheel - Admiral

We like to share driving tips to help you be safe on the road and avoid doing anything that could prove costly when you come to renew your car insurance. Today we’re looking at 10 things you shouldn’t do when you’re driving – some you’ll know, but some may come as a surprise. When you’re driving, you need all your concentration on the road – that goes without saying, right? Well it’s surprisingly easy to become distracted, especially if you’re tired, hungry or thirsty, and that distraction coul

The Secrets of the Salesmen - Admiral

For some people buying a car is a pleasure, for others it’s stressful and something they’d rather put off. There’s the worry that they might not know enough to get a good deal, or they might get ripped off by the salespeople at the dealership. Should you go in hard when you negotiate – do salesmen respect that more? Is being friendly the best way to get the salesmen on side, or will they think you’re a pushover? We’ve teamed up with a panel of car salesmen to find out all the secrets the dea